503 R

Illustrative image with silkscreen printing. Ask with our Advisers the printing cost

General Information

  • Metal frame in black color.
  • Straight foamy handle.
  • Mechanism with springs that allow flexibility.
  • Imported product.


  • Fabric: Polyester.
  • Print type: Silkscreen (Spot inks)
  • Panel size: 19.88 in wide x 28.66 in height.
  • Rib Length: 30 in
  • Weight: 1.16 lb.
  • Length: 40.9 in.
  • Diameter: 49.6 in.
  • Maximum print measures: 11.8 in wide x 9.84 in height.
  • Available colors:
  • Stock subject to change. Check out before realizing your order.


Paraguas portero 503r (Vista cerrado) Paraguas portero 503r (Vista interior) Paraguas portero 503r (Vista frontal) Paraguas portero 503r (Vista superior)